Fresh Meat

Portrait of the fresh meats available in Canada (2015)

372 pieces of meat were listed for this study

This project is a collaboration with the MAPAQ Research Chair on Meat Quality and Safety (MuscULo)

The MuscULo Research Chair aims to improve the quality and safety of meat products in order to reduce food loss and waste and to maintain the competitiveness of the meat sector. In a sustainable and integrated approach from farm to table, the Chair develops innovative strategies at all stages of the food chain in order to better meet consumer demands for healthy and nutritious meat products.

Nutritional composition

As part of this project, the nutritional composition of various pieces of fresh meat was listed. Among the data listed are the following types of meat: lamb, beef, game, pork, veal and poultry.

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The data for this portrait comes from:

Health Canada. Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) [Online]. [Place unknown]: Government of Canada; [updated 29 Dec 2021; cited 2022 Mar 26]. Available:



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