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Observatoire de la qualité de l’offre alimentaire

About the Observatory


The Food Quality Observatory aims at monitoring the evolution of the food supply, hence contributing to the collective effort of improving the quality and accessibility of food.

The Observatory generates objective and rigorous data on the food supply’s quality. With the goal of supporting the reorientation of agri-food industries, the Observatory works at mobilizing knowledge in collaboration with the actors of agri-food industries to ensure the social utility of its operations.

Strategic planning 2021-2025

The Food Quality Observatory renewed its strategic planning for 2021-2025.

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Scientific program 2021-2025

The Food Quality Observatory renewed its scientific program for 2021-2025.

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The Observatory was born out of a need expressed by several partners (government, academic and private) to generate objective data on the food supply’s quality in Quebec and Canada.

In 2014, a feasibility study on the establishment of an observatory focused  on the food supply was carried out. It involved and mobilized experts from some 20 organizations coming from different sectors connected to the food supply. The report stated that the establishment of an observatory to monitor the evolution of food supply over time is of paramount importance.

Under the impetus of Université Laval’s Institute of nutrition and functional foods (INAF) and many other partners, the Food Quality Observatory was born in December 2016.

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